Shabby chic lamp

Shabby chic lamp

shabby chic lamp using standard paints, no special paints required, easy tutorial

You know how sometimes you come across something which goes in virtually every room of your house? I have two of these shabby chic lamps, originally pine, which I swap from room to room around the cottage as the mood takes me. With such neutral colours, the shades can be changed with the seasons if necessary.

I washed, sanded, then painted with the undercoat. The first coat looked pretty patchy; the second gave a nice even base colour.

At Home In Cornwall - Painted Lamp Project - SandI applied 2 top coats, allowing more time than the manufacturer recommends. Previously, when I haven’t allowed adequate time for the paint to harden properly, the paint dragged when I sanded it.

A  coat of wax, some ‘buffing’, and I was done.

At Home In Cornwall - Painted Lamp Project

I used masking tape to protect parts which are against the wood that I don’t want painted, like the metal fittings and even the end of the lead. A little fussy, but well-worth doing when you are applying several coats of paint.

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