Easy Fabric Heart Kit

Easy Fabric Heart Kit

I’ve been making up a few of these easy fabric heart kits – the idea is that they are quick, simple & colourful.

Easy fabric heart kit 

I’ve often wondered why people buy kits when they could just gather the bits and pieces themselves. Usually, I go to one cupboard to get some fabric, another room to get something to stiffen and pad with, go through my beads to find suitable colours (invariably, if I haven’t gotten sidetracked already, I will do at this point!), I raid my son’s bedroom for pencils/paper/scissors to make a template, then have to buy some more bells because I used the last one yesterday – oh yes, that’s why we all buy kits sometimes!

Hence, I have put a few of these kits together. I thought they might be nice as stocking fillers so I’ve put some on ETSY as well, however my mind is already wandering as my beads are shouting “use me, use me!!!” and I’m diving back into my fabric stash…

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