Fabric wreath – shabby chic style

Fabric wreath – shabby chic style

What I love about this wreath is its versatility – this one will be used in our little cottage here in Cornwall continually. I decorate it at Easter with checked ribbon & eggs, in the autumn with pine cones, at Christmas with red ribbon and baubles … you get the idea! The rest of the year, of course, it just sits quietly decorating the wall as it is. But it’s always shabby…



  1. I tore (deliberately not to be ultra-neat) rectangular shapes from my fabric and tied each strip of fabric around the frame. My frame has 2 circular wires so I have used the outer wire for this – the inner wire is useful as it helps to keep the fabric flat.


I added a bow at the top & equally around the frame. It may be worth attaching a picture hook or similar to the top of the frame with a small piece of wire. This should be easily hidden from view by the fabric.


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    • Dawn at 8:47 am

      Thank you! Sometimes we all just need new ideas or reminders of fun projects we can complete in an evening, don’t we? If we can recycle a little as well, even better! If you feel like signing up to my newsletter, it’ll keep you posted as I’m going…

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