Owl Felt Brooch

Owl Felt Brooch

Who wouldn’t like this owl felt brooch? A great way of using up (and therefore a great excuse of buying more!) lovely buttons and the smallest pieces of lace ever! So quick and simple.

You will need:

  • Lace
  • Felt
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Buttons/beads
  • Brooch back
  • Paper for template
  • Wadding for filling
  • Lavender to scent, if using

broches_grey00009 broches_grey00008

  1. Draw the simple owl shape template onto the paper and use to cut 2 pieces of felt. From the lace, cut the wings and cut one piece from the wadding the slightly smaller.
  2. Stitch on your wings, beak (I used a piece of broken beaded jewellery) and two buttons for each eye.
  3. Lay this on top of the wadding then place both on top of the 2nd piece of felt. Neatly stitch all around, leaving a few centimetres open but without cutting you’re your thread. Pour in some lavender and stitch the opening closed.
  4. Turn over and stitch on your brooch back.

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Once you start on these brooches, you soon find you have made half a dozen, as each one spurs you on to make another and you alter the design slightly as you go. Because they take such a small amount of fabric, they’re an ideal use for off-cuts.

Attach a hair clip instead or, even better, attach a hair clip AND a brooch back to get the most wear from your piece.

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