Charity shop coat upcycled with DIY covered buttons

Charity shop coat upcycled with DIY covered buttons

The top was at least one size too small in the shop. It was still a size too small when I tried it on. And – disappointingly – it hasn’t miraculously grown in my wardrobe either. Why did I buy it then?!? Well, I do love it, and true love lasts forever….

purplecoatnewbuttons8 purplecoatnewbuttons10

This coat was in the charity shop – just looking at me – the whole time I was browsing.

Purple? Not really my colour. And a new coat as we are coming into spring? It was the last thing I should have been buying.


It showed signs of wear, so it needed a good going over with the bobble-cutter-thingy. And those red buttons? Not sure why they were on a purple coat, but that was easy to sort. And, when I went through my stash, that lovely top-that-never-fitted came into its own. At last…!


I hadn’t covered buttons for a while, so it re-kindled my interest and – I think – it turned out okay. For someone who didn’t think purple was her colour, I have a surprising number of dresses and skirts that go with it too… and this little brooch that I made several months ago. Certainly makes me feel less guilty about that top…

Ta-da! My new Charity shop coat upcycled with DIY covered buttons


Hey – guess what? While I was trying on top-that-never-fitted again before putting the scissors to it (just to make absolutely sure it still hadn’t grown!!!) I realised I may be able to use the front of it for something else… click here to see it.

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